July 13, 2017

Welcome to a new bisexual world

As you can probably gather from the title in this article, I have ever came out from hidden as a bisexual when I struggled out of the bad marrige. The feeling is just like that God gives me a new lease of life that makes me never forget what kind of choice I did. bi dating site

Believing in bisexuality is not difficult to most of people, however it's a real trouble that people understand the group of bisexual. Because they only date the opposite sex, not the same sex, and can't imagine the situation when a gay dates another gay or a girl dates another girl.

In fact, all bisexuals are heroes who create a new world in which bisexual people have our rights to do those things of ourselves. We completely don't care about someone's thoughts from "another world", other people are not at all understanding what we think and what we are going to do. We just do ourselves and do the things what we like.At the new bisexual world, coming out is absolutely approved as a bisexual, meanwhile we welcome those bisexual people who can't come out because of personal special circumstances to join us. In here you can share your bisexual stories to every bisexual people by the next social softwares to contact us.

You can establish the communicating with your date partners through the new bisexual worldnew bisexual world. Our platform is going to provide the best date service for you, in here you needn't fear about that your information would be leaked out, we have the extremely strict rules to protect user's private information. If you notice that your private information is leaked out, on one hand, we will compensate you for your loss, on the other hand, we will severely punish the staff and conduct strick security checks on our system to ensure that no such errors occur.

Welcome to the new bisexual world.


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