Aug 06, 2017

The unexpected Hollywood bisexual stars

Hollywood is the heaven of stars and the emotional arena. The more attractive the star, the more likely it is to be bisexual. After enjoying a lot of glory and sex, they like to look for excitement, meeting bi women, meeting bi man and so on. meet bi women

Tom Cruise

For a long time,Tom Cruise is regard as a typical bisexual men, divorce of he and his wife, Nicole Kidman and more confirms this, but Tom cruise would not admit that well-known facts, and married supermodel Holmesand they had children soon , trying to put an end to such gossip, but ended in divorce. According to Holmes, cruise is really bisexual, and once Tom Cruise was raped by her in bed, and the media suspect that the other man is Beckham.

Lindsay lohan

In 2008, Hollywood actress lindsay lohan confessed she was bisexual but admitted she was gay.

Angelina Jolie

Hollywood's first sex godmother, Angelina jolie has been an unsteady person since she was with brad Pitt. She also admits to being bisexual women and claims she likes to someone abuses her. Jolie has always been a maverick, which has proved her personality. But in recent years, she hasn't dated any girlfriends other than Pete.

John Travolta

Hollywood superstar John travolta, once happy family life, but someone recently also revealed he had a gay boyfriend fell in love and deep, with photos, for example. For a while, it was unclear whether John travolta was gay or bisexual.

Will Smith

Hollywood box office star, will Smith has always been referred to as the Hollywood model husband, but the media revealed that will in Japan to promote new suspected of prostitution, and is a male prostitute, bisexual gossip and therefore will emerg

Megan fox

The new sex symbol megan fox has revealed herself as a bisexual. She says she likes to be in a relationship with a woman, but insists she doesn't consider seeking bi women because she doesn't want to share a woman with other men. Megan believes that people are naturally bisexual and are forced to make subconscious decisions by social pressure.

White Spirit

At the 2007 golden globes party, the sexy ghost confessed to being bisexual in an interview with the news of the world. She said in her interview that she liked to get out of the light and that both men and women, especially when drunk, would seduce everyone.

Katharine Hepburn

The United States has published a series of books on Hollywood secrets, and a series of books reveals that Katharine Hepburn is bi singles. Turning over these books will see that the private lives of "golden age" stars are much the same as those of today's showbiz. Katharine Hepburn's biography says Catherine and her lover, spencer Tracy, are bisexual.


Madonna has also been revealed as a bisexual women by multiple media outlets. Each time concert, Madonna wants to play crazy with actress big kiss, if it is a sign of her character, so the dribs and drabs of life, and her husband broke also faintly, "tells us that the entertainment circle one more bisexual.


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