July 14, 2017

How to identify true bisexual people on the Internet

Have you ever had such an unpleasant experience? When you met a bisexual man met a bisexual man on the Internet, you talked for a long time, and both of you felt like old friends who hadn't seen each other for years. One day, however, you see his sexual orientation in social software. The message bar clearly shows that she is gay. OH MY GOD, you were completely fooled by her, and then you cried all day, not eating or drinking. Such experiences not only hurt your health, but may also destroy your bisexual beliefs. bi dating

5 years ago, I met a bisexual person in the Google community, and later we talked about ourmarriage, our family. I told him I was bisexual, but I didn't come out until I was 30, because I didn't know how to tell my parents and friends before. I was bisexual. At 25, he married his former wife, but the marriage was not ideal and later divorced. After I came out, I had an 3some date on a bisexual dating network and it was great. But I always feel like I'm missing something mentally. So I want to know a friend can talk bisexual. After listening to my story, she said she was not married and wanted to have a bisexual date. Later I asked her to meet in a bar called sleepless in Venice. When I came to the bar, a girl with brown hair, a white belt and a lace skirt appeared before me. The first impression was good. Later, we ordered cocktails at the bar and chatted over the drinks. The girl was a bit tipsy when she drank almost. She told me that she was lesbian, because she is afraid of their parents know her sexuality and pretend to meet me, she said she is not recognized bisexual, she said that bisexuality is not serious, and because they are boys and girls are dating, the feelings of non-specific. I listened to the feeling after a hammer hitting the chest by oneself like, very sad, I told her that we bisexuals are specific to feelings, don't just think you gay and lesbain to specific feelings,then I turned away, feeling oneself very hurt, I know I was cheated.

After this experience, I haven't been in touch with the Internet for a while, and I'm afraidI'm going to get to such a situation again. Until someone told me that in the online you want to clearly identify whether the person is bisexual, not blindly and her heart. Later, in order to help more users, I summarize some of the following methods and experience.

First, check out personal profiles

This is the fastest and convenient way to tell if the other person is bisexual. On the Internet, we don't know the real information of the other person. She may be bisexual, or she may be heterosexual, she may be gay, or she may be lesbian. As to why she told you that she is bisexual, there must be some reason, probably because of fear of being their own relatives and friends know and deliberately conceal their sexual orientation is true, there may be a network marketing personnel. Checking the sexual orientation of his social platform is the most direct and effective way.

Two, with a purposeful chat

In order to avoid hurting yourself, in the chat, you can tentatively ask her if she is bisexual. For example, listen to her story when there are flaws and loopholes, and then based on these loopholes to really understand her sexual orientation.

Three, long-term observation, must not blindly meet

If you met online bisexual chat with you very well, hate not immediately meet a beautiful and romantic date, then you stop this idea, because the next second maybe you will regret your decision. The online bisexual dating does not necessarily true, some deceptive, and some people even for his money to. Meeting each other on the line is a happy experience for both of us. It is because we are looking forward to each other and we are worried because we are afraid of being hurt. Therefore, the next line must meet all the preparations. First, choose places you know well or people, and secondly, don't wear too much women (to), and finally don't be busy, blindly follow him to a remote and strange place.


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