Aug 01, 2017

How to distinguish lesbian and bisexual women

Some people hear or see two women hugging together or kiss sure sure she is lesbian, because it is obvious that she loves a woman. If you think so, you are wrong, because there may be her bisexual woman, this is just her an ordinary bi dating, because she next time and men may be hugged kiss, and even love. So how can we distinguish between a person is lesbian or bisexual? bisexual women

The distinction between lesbian and bisexual from sexual orientation is the most straightforward way. Lesbian is only a woman to have sex to attract, while the men do not have any sexual attraction, and even resentment and heterosexual contact. And bisexual women is different from lesbian, she has a good impression on women, but also a good impression on men, and sometimes you see her in a period of time with a woman very close, but in another time you will see her with a very Of the intimacy, which is bisexual women. Friends

A lesbian friend may be confined to a homosexual woman or just a male friend, and there is no bisexual women or bisex men in his dating circle, and it is almost impossible for her social group to have a social group. But if you look carefully to bisexual women or bi dating, you will find in their social software, such as facebook, twitter, instagram, or vk, etc. They will focus on a lot of bi dating or threesome dating the community or people. In the ordinary life, bi women or bi men are very broad friends, they both date with men, and women dating, and sometimes even a threesome dating.

If you want to make friends with a lesbian, you must first recognize their sexual orientation, agree with lesbian, to stand in their perspective to communicate with them, talk. Do not try to refute them or define labels for lesbian, which is not a clever practice. When you communicate with bisexuality, you have to pay special attention to anything other than the need to recognize bisexuality.


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