Aug 06, 2017

Common misconceptions about bisexual

The word "bisexual" is easy to be misunderstood by homosexuality and heterosexuality.In fact, I have heard of a comrade in bisexual even more than a feeling: the groundless talk, wavering, private life and take the scumbag vicious beyond measure, and so on, be too numerous to enumerate. bisexual date

There are people in this world who love boys, and some people love girls, but there are people who love both men and women! They are bisexual. People think this is often confused, especially those who have a long tradition of the family (for example, those who are accustomed to mine) and black and white thinking patterns of people. Therefore, the misunderstanding of the bisexual group, from the beginning of the word, has never stopped. For example, many have not found their love what is male or female, especially many also didn't have the courage to accept their gay people, will also be bisexual as a haven, a homosexual to heterosexual from excessive "middle stage", and easily tell others: I'm bisexual!... This is a complete misunderstanding! Here are three of the most common misconceptions about bisexual couples. You can tell your friends around you, which is very helpful:

Myth 1: androgyny is just a transitional phase"

Bisexual male or female choice group in the face of this problem, often undaunted. In fact, most of the land are bisexua "handsome" unconsciously by their first sight or "pretty girls" attracted, but not before the body reacts to carefully consider what is love boys or girls love.

Bisexual couples find themselves bisexual and are in complete agreement with gay people who find themselves gay. Androgyny is not the middle stage of the transition from heterosexuality to homosexuality, or from homosexuality to heterosexuality (sexual orientation is innate, not reversible, and reversed). Heterosexuality, homosexuality, Bisexual couples, and (perhaps asexual) sexual orientation are independent of each other, without crossing.

Myth two: bisexual lovers don't know what they like.

Being an essential part of sexual orientation, androgyny is not made up of a bunch of muddled eggs. As bisexual, this does not mean a heterosexual, homosexual love for a while, while boys, while girls prefer their bisexual orientations are very clear which side, and often "true to the core". Indeed, there are also different echelons of bisexual groups. For example, some bisexual man "partial straight", more preference for girls, while some bisexual man "partial comrade", more accustomed to boys emotional development -- even though these people from the physical does not reject another combination. Bisexual people don't know what they want. They have definite goals.

Myth three: bisexual private life is very confusing

Double choice, double joy? Many people might think so, bisexual. In fact, many people take it for granted that bisexual lovers are very promiscuous and promiscuous. In fact, looking for an object, going to bed, or having a relationship doesn't make any difference to us in these processes. A possible relationship does not necessarily mean a relationship. For an individual, whether you're gay, bisexual, or straight, your private life is chaotic and has nothing to do with your attitude toward life, but not your personal sexuality.


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