Aug 06, 2017

Are you bisexual or gay?

Are you bisexual or gay? This question seems very simple, but I believe that after reading this article you do not necessarily think so. bisexual dating

First we talk about what is bisexual. Wikipedia's interpretation of bisexuality is such that Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or romantic or sexual attraction to people of any sex or gender identity; this later aspect In short, bisexuality is a sexual attraction and a sexual behavior for both men and women. For most of our bisexuals, we often date with men and women, sexual relations, which is the definition of bisexuality. But for some people, sometimes he can not determine whether he is bisexual, because he felt in the process of dating men and womenfeel different, and more often he was like a man, so that he felt He is not bisexual, but he is not gay, because he also like a woman. And for the definition of gay, it refers only to homosexual sexual attraction and sexual behavior. Some gay is even disgusted with the opposite sex.

So this time we look at the title of the article you will think this problem is simple? No simple

How can I answer this question? We first make a hypothesis, assuming that a person is really bisexual, then we can observe his daily bi dating data, these data include the date of the person, the number of times, the feelings of each date and so on. Draw these data into a table or a line chart, observe the data lines that are dating with men and the data lines that date with women. If the values ​​differ greatly in value and date, they may be biased toward the opposite sex or homosexual A little more, if the two values ​​are basically the same, then he is the possibility of bisexuality is relatively large. This is a quantitative analysis of bisexuality, of course, this quantitative analysis is not a question of whether a person is the ultimate conclusion of bisexuality, the most important qualitative analysis. Qualitative analysis is self-feeling, if a person that he is bisexual, whether from their own inner thoughts or from the daily behavior of the point of view, firmly believe that they are bisexual, then congratulations, you do not have to answer this question The If you are the kind of indecisive person, through qualitative analysis can not be the next decision, you can take quantitative analysis.

In fact, the final conclusion whether you are bisexual or gay, the most important thing is to live happy, do not care about the idea of ​​a person off, because you are not god. Even God, the world is still so much unfair.


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